How to teach children to read notes on music, including tips for making it fun; learn this and more in this free online music class for children taught by ex…

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24 thoughts on “How to Teach Piano to Kids : Reading Notes for Children’s Piano Lessons

  1. FiroozM says:

    Do you have suggestion on what is the best way to teach the piano without
    referring to musical notes.? thanks firooz

  2. John Keller says:

    Some good points, Going down is hard, you have to play the opposite way.
    Also “Let me see all your fingers”. Im always trying to wrench their
    fingers out of a closed fist.

  3. ivylainespeaks says:

    i made a playlist for her vids. can’t figure out how to put them on youtube
    but they are in my videos and i’m happy to share.

  4. orpado1968 says:

    Good lesson. I will try it with my son. just he is hyperactive and simply
    sucks at concentrating. any idea how to keep him still….

  5. patton223 says:

    she is an amazing teacher !! she is so happy and full of life too !!! i bet
    the kids love her class !!

  6. TheAssirampiano says:

    Learn to play the piano in half the time with new gadget. Google “Gizmag
    and PianoMaestro”

  7. Geoff Weeks says:

    Hey! I was wondering if you could help me in pointing out these videos,
    starting out 1-10 (assuming there were 10 of these). I’m a pianist and
    desperately looking to start teaching but really need some tools like
    these. And just from watching a few minuets, I do believe these would be
    all the help getting started I would need. It’s been so long since I’ve
    taken my first lessons. Thanks so much and any information would be

  8. saberStarlight says:

    wow! Thanks! 🙂 this really helps… it’s inspiring how much energy you
    have. I want to learn how to teach kids piano too.

  9. Lauren Renée says:

    Thank you so much for these videos! I’m starting to teach tomorrow for my
    first time and I’m a little nervous!

  10. Zoomingout101 says:

    i am trying to teach my brother on playing it’s very hard but he is doing
    good i guess i only knows how to play chopsticks lol

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