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25 thoughts on “How To Read Sheet Music – The Basics

  1. thomandy says:

    Probably because youtube is grand in so many countries! So many of us from
    outside of the US and England dont speek english fluently!

  2. Marie Salisbury Alberti-Thomson says:

    ‘pis’ = please in American English. Might be better to try using that. 😉

  3. GummiCraft says:

    Thanks for this video, helped a lot. But I have a question. In the
    ‘Key-Signatures’ in the end of the video, are the lower C’s and F’s in
    sharp too, even though they don’t have the sharp sign at the beginning?

  4. LAOdandPROUD says:

    In my case, usually the right hand is melodic and easy to remember, as well
    as the left. But the left hand usually involves chords that add the
    necessary bass to the song. What I do is learn the notes for the right hand
    in a song, basically until you can play it with your eyes closed. Then keep
    your eyes on the bass clef. I can’t stress enough how important the bass
    clef is so always focus on your left hand, then glance at your right hand
    ever so often to ensure you’re on the right track.

  5. TALKINGtac0 says:

    I feel exactly like bi0lizard1. My reaction to this was “In english
    please?” Man! All I know is that a pancake is flat and that cdba whatever
    is part of the alphabet. This is almost as complicated as math if not
    worse. I guess i’ll go back to playing as I listen. :'{

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