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24 thoughts on “How To Read Sheet Music – Piano Theory Lessons

  1. samuel kadiri says:

    im sorry but i could not read your comment without looking at your profile
    picture then pissing my pants good day

  2. Fardeen Iqbal says:

    I had 2 do this 4 homework at school. For E G B D F I couldnt think of a
    phrase so I wrote this
    Eggs Go But Die Fast
    Anyway the fudge one is alright 4 me

  3. Alicia Frost says:

    Thank you, this is really useful as I am learning the keyboard in music and
    I was having trouble reading the music sheets!

  4. smiles4days13 says:

    Something that’s always confused me is that there are 80-something keys on
    the keyboard but he only covered like, 20 of them. How do all the other
    notes fit onto the staff?

  5. Panda_ABstyle says:

    I dont get the sharp and flat. Are the flat the black ones and the white
    keys are the sharp ones???

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