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25 thoughts on “How to Read Sheet Music for Ocarina – 1

  1. WolfPrincessTwilight says:

    Can only read ocarina tabs? No more worries! Just watch the docjazz4
    tutorial! (And I won’t have to create to tabs for my friends anymore!
    *sends to ocarina friends*)

  2. MORTraineysWIFE says:

    Officially my music teacher! I play the ocarina, but I only know how to
    play tabs. I’ve always wanted to know how to read sheet music for the
    ocarina! Tell me, are you also going to teach us the notes on the ocarina,
    like the fingering positioning? Does that make sense?

  3. Draw4MyLife says:

    Thank you so much 🙂 I myself am a musician who picked up the ocarina a
    month ago at the same time as my boyfriend, who isn’t one. But i learned
    all the basic music theory way back in second grade, and when he asked me
    how the ocarina tab related to sheet music and notes and everything. It was
    overwhelming trying to explain it to him! But this seems perfect, and I
    hope that he can learn what he’s trying learn from this. 🙂 Thanks for
    posting this!

  4. Docjazz5 says:

    I’m sorry if you were confused now, but in order to tie the series together
    (which will pull in the ocarina soon), the titles need to stay the same
    because it’s a “series of videos”. Also, as you can see in the comments,
    MANY people here didn’t know about this information, so it’s obviously the
    best place to start. If you’re interested in the ocarina part specifically,
    check back in about 3 weeks OR go to theocarinnetwork*com for the info
    you’re looking for.

  5. James Ocarina says:

    Hey David!!!! I was wondering if there was possibly a book on ocarina music
    theory you could suggest to me. I really want to dwell outside of tabs and
    play more challenging pieces. Your response would be greatly appreciated.

  6. Corey Kristensen says:

    ocarina sheet music can be tough to find. is there another instrument that
    the sheet music would be inter-changeable with the ocarina? 

  7. HumbleOtaku says:

    you are the best, this was an easy lesson, but all your lessons help me a
    lot!! better than the teachers over here haha XDDD waaay better. I actually
    pay attention XDD thank u so much!!!

  8. Justin Douglas says:

    Noooo! Why can’t it be alto T_T I just finished learning it now I have to
    learn a new one *sob*

  9. Pixelifications says:

    Very well paced and nicely simplified explanation. I learned to read music
    years ago but I find myself needing a bit of a refresher now that I’m
    learning to play the ocarina. I appreciate the help!

  10. Tosti man says:

    Wow, is this how dumb all americans are? Maybe that is why there is coming
    so much shitty music from ‘Murica. What you just explained (in a strange
    way, not totally correct) is the lowest basics man. Even though we learn
    that in school here it is common sense even before you learned it. I can
    hardly believe some people really need the word FACE to understand it.

  11. Laura B says:

    I haven’t dealt with sheet music since middle school. This was super
    simple, but also a great refresher. 

  12. Austin Smith says:

    Hey David! I don’t know if you check up on this, but I recently bought a
    plastic ocarina from STL Ocarina. I plan on upgrading to ceramic
    eventually, but anyway – these videos have been extremely helpful. I bought
    an attack on titan songbook from them, and the tabs just didn’t seem right.
    After using your videos to learn to read and play sheet music, I feel that
    I have a much more broad sense of what I should be doing – though I feel as
    though they left some stuff out of their take on the song. Anyway, thanks
    so much! Hopefully I’ll be able to get some videos up sometime soon. Haha.

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