in this video I go over how to read sheet music faster. sometimes finding the notes on ledger lines can be overwhelming until you learn this tip.

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11 thoughts on “how to read sheet music faster guitar tips

  1. CJ Willingness says:

    This also sorted it out far faster than music class in the high school I
    went too. Mine also blew chunks for entirely different reasons which are
    several. Even the guitar lessons n music books I had for them never
    explained this well, most outside of piano theory books never explain it
    at all. Nobody who is gonna play something other than piano should be
    forced to learn it as a gateway to where they wanna go.

  2. trb198330 says:

    I had to learn sheet music in band class. These patterns were never
    explained to me either. Competent people don’t teach, they actually do
    their job because it pays more. 

  3. saiyaniam says:

    I’ve been learning guitar for almost a year now, and don’t plan on playing
    anything else, is there any reason to learn such things as this? I find
    tabs is all I need to learn a song? 

  4. rouelibre1 says:

    Again, not to put down your shit, just to augment on it.

    Yes indeed, “Even Good Babes Do F*ck”. But this would be true (and it is
    assumed for 99.999% of cases) only if you have a clé of G 2nd line at the
    start of the upper staff. That weird symbol is not there just for fun or
    to look “musician”. And the same goes for the clé of F 4th line of the
    lower one.

    For the record.

  5. Alan Penman says:

    I was speaking to my guitar teacher about this, an he said it wasn’t till
    near the end of his school training that he realised this. So traditional
    methods may be missing something useful.

  6. Kristopher Merrick says:

    When I learned key signatures I first tried to learn them from band..but
    all i got was if there was a sharp/flat all notes on that line were
    sharp/flat..was left to my own devices and learned what they finally
    meant..years later..I had the opportunity to drink some beers with the band
    teacher and asked him why!?!? didnt you teach it right..not that hard
    man..he told me ..All about winning the band competition! 

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