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25 thoughts on “How to Read Piano Notes on the Bass Clef (Piano Thoery Lesson 10)

  1. Artwurx614 says:

    Thanks your videos help alot. I have only been playing for about 5 months,
    i recently got a book by Micheal Aaron its helping me also

  2. MoogleEJA says:

    I’m desperately trying to learn to read piano sheet music becuz tutorials
    on the internet are so hard to find. I think that these videos will help
    me, thank you so much XD

  3. Soniya Ahuja says:

    Nice tips. Thanks for sharing. It has been explained with such ease that
    one would learn the notes after watching the video just once.

  4. kigerx02 says:

    thank you very much i learned more about read bass clef because im confused
    if i read bass because of 2 jump ^^

  5. weonlymakehits says:

    F under middle C? You mean like F under middle C, B, A, and G? I don’t get
    how it correlates onto the keyboard. :{

  6. Phoenixfire630 says:

    @weonlymakehits I was wrong, disregard the part about the flat and sharp
    symbols, but it will tell you where to play, and I’m sure that the farther
    into the lessons you get, he will explain it to you.

  7. Mervin Moras says:

    @weonlymakehits he meant under the octave of middle C because middle C also
    has its own F, if he didn’t say “under middle C you would think it’d be
    under any C or F or whatever, so i hope that my explanation helped GOOD
    LUCK learning.

  8. yrollamtrebor says:

    Finally! I took lessons years ago and needed a refresher. All I wanted to
    know was the location of middle C in relationship to the bass & treble
    clef. It’s unreal how many of these videos came nowhere near explaining
    that. Now I can start playing again, thanks dudu!

  9. rwilliams212 says:

    Trained in Treble clef as a kid. Very easy to understand the relationship
    to the Bass clef which I need to know now singing Tenor in choir. Thanks
    you David!

  10. Mario852 says:

    *Comments may be held for uploader approval. Ough seriously, -why-? 🙂 Love
    it, your website helped me a lot, I was looking for something like this for
    good few days. THANK YOU!

  11. Shaye Simone says:

    Thanks for this, I keep getting confused with the left hand, this should
    help. Btw I love your accent ;3

  12. Donaldo Martinez says:

    i thought this video and the notes in the bass clef were real easy to
    understand since i play tuba in my school at band its the treble clef i
    really need help with…

  13. SceptileTheVerdant says:

    I understand, but in Italian it’s more effin’ difficult: Sol = G La = A Si
    = B Do = C Re = D Mi = E Fa = F

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