1. Learn your Rhymes – write them into the music at a desk. 2. Write in the notes with no sheet present. 3. Work out at sight, the notes as you go. YOU WILL NEED: 1. My print out of the rhymes…

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25 thoughts on “How To Read PIANO Music in 3 EASY Steps

  1. Hiiro Takako says:

    how do you read the lower and upper notes that arnt included on the 5

  2. Judy Bielik says:

    what’s the difference between the note that isn’t filled in, and the note
    that is colored in black? They both look like “G”? They are the first 2
    notes on the music sheet I down loaded. Also, the long line over them that
    looks like a long hump?

  3. ivan de jesus oreamuno canizal says:

    Thanks Alisson, im thinking on buying a violin and starting to get lessons
    butvtjis video helped me to start understanding how to read music. One
    question, i have really big hands, do you think that is going to be a issue
    for me to play a violin? Obviously im getting a 4/4 size violin. Please let
    me know, thanks!

  4. Korlu Barjolo-Yonta says:

    What size of violin would you recommend for a four year old little girl
    please? And thanks this is very helpful

  5. Harini S says:

    What are some pieces that you recommend for beginners so that I can try to
    read and play at the same time.

  6. MusicForever171 says:

    is reading music the same for all intruments? i play guitar but i cant read
    music and ive been toldi should learn….

  7. Earthling Converge says:

    Hey Allison..i really appreciate your intention to give this knowledge of
    music for free! I regularly watch them. Thanks again. Regarding reading the
    music, i seem to have this strange way of playing (i am a beginner) where i
    know which finger i gotto play with when i see the notes and i have no
    problem identifying it and playing it smoothly. the problem comes when i
    have to name the notes..i am going to try the 3 easy steps that you have
    mentioned..just wanted to ask your suggestion on this?? Keep up your good
    work! Thank you once again!

  8. Sandra Seals says:

    Treble: Every Good Boy Does Fine (Online)
    FACE (Inbetween the spaces)

    Bass: Great Big Dogs Fight Animals
    All Cows eat Grass

  9. Daniel Miller says:

    Hello Alison. I can read each note of both clefts pretty well. I learnt
    through an app on my phone, it took me about a month of constant revisiting
    but I got there. Anyway I’m a point where I can read and play a single
    cleft on the piano but struggle to try and read both and play at the same
    time. Do you have any advice or video referrals for doing so? Thanks in

  10. Ess Dubb says:

    Any reason why the violin screeches when I put a finger down? It’s not the
    lack of rosin. It sounds great on open strings but sounds so screechy
    whenever I use fingers. 

  11. John Strauss says:

    I love that you stress the 3rd part is a frustrating and painfully slow
    learning process for all of us. Just that point sets your video apart from
    all the rest. Thanks for sharing. 

  12. Anthony Lake says:

    I have has the same problem I just moved my bridge till I got rich tones
    [carefull doing this tiz ez to destroy a bridge] may also have to re tune
    it after :)that is just what worked for me

  13. Kimberly X Nichols says:

    She is going too fast I don’t know what the rhymes mean ! were do I put my
    fingers ? I was having her teach my whole class and we loved her, but she
    is going way to fast.

  14. Pat Monty says:


    Hi….I was thinking of purchasing your Piano book…whats got me worried
    looking at ‘ A Moment Please”…I am a bit lost.. Measure 1 your play a G
    for a 1/2 note count 2 3 then a G for a 1/4 count 4..when do you play the
    c????/..also measure 9 what notes do I Play??….I am sure this is a bit
    advanced but any help please and thank you! Pat USA

  15. greg nichols says:

    Sorry that was a pretty frustrated answer, the majority of the class is
    asking (more or less) is how does seeing these notes connect as to where
    you put fingers on the violin ?

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