Tutorial is based on this cover: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6CmzKQ6Jd4s Leave your comments & requests below! I read them ALL! Check out the new http://…

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25 thoughts on “How to Play Titanium (Christina Grimmie Version) on Piano

  1. Samantha Bambao says:

    The beginning was nice and slow, but the other half was away too fast for
    me. I can’t learn it and really want to :((((

  2. Stephanie 365 says:

    You’re so awesome that you put the type the keys out while you’re playing.
    Nobody does that.THANK YOU.

  3. aped97 says:

    Thank you so much for this tutorial! I’ve played Titanium so much over the
    last two years, and I just love it. I have uploaded a cover of this on my
    channel, so it would be so cool if you’d check it out. Keep up the work
    Ryan! I love your videos and tutorials.

  4. Samantha Bambao says:

    6:49 – 7:15 wait what. any help? where did those chords come from??? im so

  5. leogoesrawrrr says:

    Can you play a full version of this song? The teaching went by a little too
    fast at the end and I couldn’t tell what you were trying to teach anymore. 

  6. Sharp Shooter says:

    I remembered about the other video about Let It Go it was so hard at Verse
    1 luckily I found a way to do it.

  7. kfuu says:

    amazing tutorial ! I like titanium piano version and this tutorial is so
    great !
    thanks a lot for your job !

  8. maryam najibi says:

    where did you get the sheet from? can you add it to the description box
    please, i need it for my gcse thanks

  9. D Harper says:

    hey, were can i get a keyboard i really want to play a keyboard so i can be
    ready to play piano in middle school…..any suggestions :/

  10. kristen :P says:

    In my opinion this tutorial was very rushed, and i don’t think many people
    can learn from this. The only ‘slower’ part was at the beginning with the
    chords. Maybe if you actually taught slower, this would be more efficient. 

  11. Claire Lesperance says:

    This is awesome!! Im just having trouble memorizing and learning the
    placement of the notes before the chorus.

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