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24 thoughts on “How to play Roses (intro) by OutKast on piano

  1. Shara Reed says:

    Thank yooou! It took me about 20 minutes, I’m sure any other tutorial
    would’ve taken me like a million weeks ^.^

  2. Rebecca Benson says:

    prob. the best tutorial i’ve ever seen on piano. got it. keep it up dude!
    thank you so much.

  3. Scarlet Vibe says:

    This tutorial is amazing, thank you! I’ve always wanted to know how to play
    this and now I do!

  4. imabeapirate says:

    Three months after seeing this, I can play this at speed to the song
    perfect. Talk about a crash course on learning piano.

  5. Max Power says:

    Great video man! Finally someone who doesnt overexplain and get lost to the
    sound of their own voice. And the checkpoint idea was very a great teaching

  6. skaterfisken says:

    Thanks so much! i’ve never played the piano before and i learned this in
    4-5 days of playing 🙂 amazing tutorial !

  7. Robert Page says:

    you know what helps…… always show full speed of the song before your
    teaching. Its best to always refresh the memory of the song…… then you
    tell them dont worry we will break it down…. They are like “wow I can’t
    plays this” then you tell them they can….. a song heard is a song learnt

  8. Rick Dellagatta says:

    Thanks for the very well put together tutorial. Made learning the intro
    very straightforward and achievable even for a beginner like myself

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