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6 thoughts on “How to Play Repeated Notes on the Piano – Piano Techniques

  1. Duo Ex Animo says:

    I always change fingers on slow and fast repeated notes, because I know for
    a fact it preserves the health of my hands.

  2. Vincent SPICER says:

    Absolutely correct advice–certainly in keeping with good teachers that
    I’ve studied from–it was taught to me exactly this way. Trying to play
    repeated notes with the SAME finger? I’ve never heard of it, and why do it
    the hard way? Try both ways, and I’m sure most people, having the same
    physiology (as we nearly all do), will realise “by feel” that alternating
    fingers is much easier, and automatically produces a better legato. Thanks,
    Robert…another lesson of knowledge and wisdom!

  3. hans hannes says:

    Hey, look up “Valentina Lisitsa plays Liszt’s Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2”
    here on youtube. She is even playing fast repeated notes on the piano with
    the same finger. Its around 5:28 shes is an insane pianist.

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