In 100% Speed: SHEETS: MIDI made by Annemievr Download Link available in description of Annemies…

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23 thoughts on “How to play Passenger Let her go – Piano [Easy/50%Speed] + Sheets/MIDI Download

  1. ItsSeriouslySarahhh says:

    Is this the whole song? I might be wrong but did it miss out some versus
    and chorus’? Really helpful though thanks 🙂

  2. SomeInterestingInfo says:

    Thanks for the help, I have never played piano in my life and I’m 30 years
    old now. But I really like this song and want to start learning music. I
    have spent almost 5 hours practicing this so far today on a cheap keyboard
    but I’m actually starting to get the hang of it. My left hand is getting so
    sore so need a break for a bit now. 🙂

  3. Taran Grewal says:

    Hi, this video has really helped me to learn how to play because it is the
    first ever song I’ve learnt on piano!!! I’ve not learned it all yet but i’m
    hoping too. I’m asking for a keyboard for my birthday – could you please
    make more video’s like this. I’ve looked at you other videos and they don’t
    have the letters on the keys, like this one does. They also don’t have
    letters on the bars coming down to the keyboard (like this video does)
    Please could you make another video that has:

    Letters on the keys of the keyboard
    50% speed (so it is easier to learn)
    Letters on the bars coming down to the keyboard

    Thank you so much, this would help me a lot and it would probably help
    others too!! Please reply to this comment

  4. Lucie Redwood says:

    Thanks, this is a great tutorial. My 9-year-old son is doing great after
    only a few hours! I think it’s really helpful to slow it down.

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