My site: Support me on Patreon: In this piano tutorial, I will show you how to play “Love Me Harder” originally performed by Ariana…

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25 thoughts on “How to Play “Love Me Harder” by Ariana Grande – Piano Tutorial – Cover

  1. Dan Gimberg says:

    i still dont know how you do all these so fast and amazing, but i want to
    thank you for every single one you have made so far ! and i hope you will
    keep going for a long time and get a bigger audience, cus u deserve that :D

  2. JanTanda says:

    can u please make a tutorial for the song “Mako our story” their isnt a
    single piano tutorial on youtube if you could that would be amazing! like
    so he/she can see!

  3. Darshana Mei says:

    I know you said it takes an enormous amount of time to make sheet music,
    but I was really hoping you could for this one. I haven’t seen any of your
    other videos but this is absolutely amazing. Do you think if enough people
    asked nicely for this sheet music, you could reconsider? If not, I can
    understand but I love this arrangement. Good job!

  4. Pianoman says:

    This is like the only good tutorial to this song!! Thanx for atleast
    putting some effort into this( not like the others…) Gonna definately
    play this!! I ask your permission to cober this and gice you some credit
    for it on my Channel?

  5. Darshana Mei says:

    It’s been a month since I’ve first found this video and since I last asked
    but pretty please consider making the sheet music available because this is
    such perfection. I’ve tried learning it by ear and transcribing myself but
    it’s too difficult for me haha pretty please, I and many others would
    greatly appreciate it!

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