Need more help? Get my in-depth, newly recorded lesson for “Let It Go” (60 mins long) on DVD! Ch…

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25 thoughts on “How to Play “Let It Go” (Disney’s Frozen) Piano Tutorial

  1. PianoKeyz says:

    This one is a lot of fun to play! It will take several hours of practice,
    but it’s worth it. Don’t overthink it! Just concentrate on the few chord
    progressions. =)

  2. Ik Ben Kim says:

    Okay.. I can’t do this. I can’t read notes for the piano. I can read notes
    for the clarinet but that’s so much different..

  3. HardStyle says:

    I really want to learn how to play the piano, does anyone know a brilliant
    electric keyboard that has 88 keys weighted and touch sensitive. Also I’m
    not looking for a keyboard to have hundreds of different sounds, i just
    want it to have a very realistic piano/grand piano sound.
    Thank you (only 18 so can’t be more then £1000 🙂 but don’t want one under
    £150, want good quality is all)

  4. Yoshicaster says:

    i might start piano. I know im only 14 but, I reallyy! want to. I have
    nothing special about me and iom trying to find out what im good at. I just
    feel something about the piano. I feel like its the thing for me :S
    I want to learn.

  5. Kawaiipandasweets says:

    so the beggining I’m like, oh this is actually easy and then he says I’m
    gonna show you the verse. And then it gets all complicated and my face just
    drops. Lol

  6. Maricho Lecordier says:

    is there anyway to download the chords? i can’t download this version in my
    laptop… :'(

  7. Mel Mather says:

    I love playing this. Thing is I don’t play by the notes I play by sound of
    the piano and what it looks like so it’s a bit more difficult to learn but
    it’s so awesome and fun!!!! Thanks!!!

  8. Shazlinda Saila says:

    Yeay thanks now I can play ‘let it go’on piano!!!!!!:D:D But just the
    intro:(it’s so hard – for me…….duhhh…..I’m just 3rd grade in
    piano….btw thanks a lot!!!!!!

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