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16 thoughts on “How To Play “All Of Me” Piano Tutorial / Sheet Music (John Legend)

  1. julia theobald says:

    Can you please do a tutorial on Bastille’s songs, Daniel in the Den, Laura
    Palmer, or Theses Streets?? Cant find a tutorial anywhere… 

  2. Arthur Townes says:

    Compared to the original your tutorial is amazing but very different I
    loved it but in my opinion I’d love to learn the original starting with F
    and C on the right 

  3. Amy Tacha says:

    Thank you so much!!! I love this song, will start learning today. Question:
    can you give us tips on how you do the “fillings”, like apart from chords
    you’re adding notes to fancify it

  4. smith8867 says:

    You should do some songs from Frozen, maybe “Let It Go”, Or “Do you wanna
    build a snoman”
    Also this tutorial is awesome joe! Thanks a million!

  5. fotohosk says:

    for the pre-chorus is the second chord Abm or Ab? (it says Abm on the
    screen but you say and play Ab)

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