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25 thoughts on “How to Play All of Me by John Legend on Piano

  1. Steven Rosas says:

    I have an easier version – Transpose one up to have it sound like the
    original. I play higher to fit my voice. This version is easier, once you
    get the rhythm you can add the melodies Upvote for all to see. Enjoy!

    [Verse 1] (Em, C, G, D)
    [Bridge] (Am, Em, D)
    [Chorus] (G, Em, Am, D)
    [Verse 2] (Em, C, G, D)
    [Bridge] (Am, Em, D)
    [Chorus] (G, Em, Am, D)

    [Bridge Change]
    Am Em
    Cards on the table
    D Am
    Were both showing hearts
    Am Em D
    Risking it all, though its hard

    Em C G
    Cause I give you all, all of me
    Em C G D
    And you give me all, all of you, oh

  2. jj Fergie says:

    this was a little stressful. You should have ran through it with more
    detail and told more about the notes.

  3. Phil Crosbie says:

    ( its Faith im 9 ) wow ur good, my piano teacher told me i was good but ive
    only been 2 piano lessons 5 times for 20 mins 🙂 ive only started 4 weeks

  4. Joseph Flores says:

    Hey Ryan can you do a cover for this song with a faster tempo and John
    Legends voice over it. I’m attempting to learn this I know all the parts
    but I’m just confused on the speed and how its supposed to sound. If you
    have time ofcourse. I’d greatly appreciate it! 

  5. Sons of War says:

    any tips to learn to play n sing? I’m a fairly new piano player, but i play
    guitar n flute classicaly very well, i find it so difficult to try to play
    anything n sing on both guitar n piano

  6. ZipZap919 / Overall Leader and Founder Of Trident / Editor of Noxus / Trident Noxus Logic says:

    Done the first part well 🙂 But The Second Part :/ I’m kind of a New
    Pianist lol

  7. Janelle Ho says:

    tbh I love this method of teaching! Especially since all the notes are
    listed and I don’t have to put too much work into figuring out the notes on
    usual sheet music! To each her own I guess haha

  8. john thorns says:

    I love your work and I appreciate it but I noticed that this is actually a
    much easier version of the song? Is there any chance you could make a video
    of the harder one aka like in the original song? Like you did with

  9. Michael Spisak says:

    sorry you already did ” just the way you are”. how about ” this time ” john

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