Learn how to play sixteenth notes with expert tips and advice on advanced piano in this free video clip on music lessons. Expert: Hope Wells Bio: Hope Wells …

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25 thoughts on “How to Play Advanced Piano : How to Play Sixteenth Notes on the Piano

  1. cripie422 says:

    i play drums and arent you suppose to count 16th notes like: 1 e and a 2 e
    and a 3 e and a 4e and a

  2. drankmire says:

    you might want to look up what sexist means. i would have accepted lured
    and uncivilised. saying that, it’d be nice to play some semiquavers on her
    chest and crotch too…1e+a, 2e+a etc its not sexist, its foreplay. you
    should try it on your partner, then post THAT on expert village.

  3. TheFufubunny says:

    Wow, that was actually helpful! Most of the expert village videos are a
    load of crap .

  4. lkicker1 says:

    I think she is super…….. extremely attractive and ultra sexy…. the
    hell with the piano.

  5. luvisuzu says:

    I’m having problems Playing 16th notes on one hand and play 8th notes on
    hand, does any one know any drills or articles i could use for this?

  6. iampauleybaby says:

    I can’t figure out if she’s teaching me to play or if she’s teaching me how
    to teach kids to play. Either way, it has nothing to do with “advanced
    piano”, because I don’t think this speaker can actually play. She keeps it
    simple because she knows very little.

  7. sorim1967 says:

    “You are dealing with confidence issues”. In this case, perhaps, we are
    dealing with an issue of too much confidence. Go on teacher, play for us a
    Chopin study, or a Beethoven Sonata. Or a Haydn Sonata for that matter. Or
    something really elementary like a Clementi or Diabelli Sonatina, lets see
    if there is ANYTHING at all you can teach.

  8. Bevin van Liempt says:

    … advanced? The concept of dividing a note into smaller portions is
    advanced piano now?

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