This is solved using simple math. Practice method (video response). This tutorial explains the mathematics, or logic, behind playing 3 notes against 2, a com…

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25 thoughts on “How To Play 3 Notes Against 2 (or 4) on Piano

  1. Bambi650 says:

    @AnneAulisRobin yes, that isn’t the first. I mean that is the fourth
    tutorial with janes voice! xDD

  2. PianoSaraTimBurton says:

    Hearing your voice will change the way I look up against life forever…
    *starts the video*

  3. l33tr3t says:

    Sounds like the math teacher is still in you 🙂 This certainly helps with
    Debussy; Arabesque in particular – I still can’t believe how easy it is for
    you to play that (difficult for me) piece!

  4. Jane says:

    @l33tr3t once you get used to the rhythm it would become automatic. you
    won’t need to count anymore. so keep practicing. 🙂

  5. God Is Food says:

    You also can use “guiding words” to feel the rythm. For me, cause I’m
    russian it’s word “чер-но-бро-ва” [chernobrova] for 2 against 3. You can
    hear it in origianl version of song called “Ukrainian Bell Carol” in

  6. Hernan Castro says:

    but for example, if i have 11 against 6 notes… the common multiple is
    66…. no one is able to subdivide 66 notes over the beat of the song ….
    i think is better to do it with a sense of freedom keepin the notes
    organized with the phrase

  7. Jane says:

    Study what I did here, but follow along with pen and paper. The more brain
    cells we activate, the easier it is to learn and remember.

  8. Jane says:

    @MDkid1 Just saw your comments again. Had made a tutorial “how to line up
    11 notes with 6”. See video response.

  9. TheOpinionatedPerson says:

    At fast tempos like in Chopin’s Fantaisie Impromptu it’s not going to be
    possible to think about such a small subdivision. Do you just practice at
    slow tempos until your hands know what to do without consciously thinking
    about the timing?

  10. Daniel Francis says:

    That’s always been the hurdle with me… Managed to do it roughly, but
    never to get a good pattern of it… Your method is simply logic, excellent
    and can be use in any circumstances, with or without a partition or an
    instrument… Everywhere when we have a little time to spare and to train 🙂

  11. Hardtop Harry says:

    Fantastic! I learned to play quarter note triplets by ‘feel’, many years
    ago. It was a long, time consuming effort. I have never been able to
    explain to my students adequately how to do his. Now I can. Thank you

  12. Daniel Francis says:

    I love you videos. Simple, or complicated, we always learn something. I’ll
    miss them when I won’t have the Internet, except occasionally, at least to
    download the Bach Chaconne. The reason: rent too heavy, almost homeless,
    just found a substitute for awhile… Then don’t know… But meeting you
    was really nice. Have a nice time :)

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