Want to play piano, but don’t know how to play piano? That’s okay, let’s just play piano. WATCH PART 2 http://youtu.be/N2SvgCMh7yU MORE: ‘How To Moonwalk’ http://youtu.be/1FSplbDaZXg ———-.

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  1. Felix Griffin says:

    “Your friends will be impressed” lol, my friends all are better than me and
    have legitimate teachers

  2. Derek Leung says:

    How to play *real music* without knowing how to actually play it:
    1. Put your hand on the keyboard. Black keys or white keys don’t matter.
    2. Spread your fingers about 5 cm apart.
    3. Make sure your thumbs are lined up together.
    4. With confidence, press firmly onto the space bar and the music should
    start playing.

  3. mackat4ck says:

    When I get bored of my usual pieces I start messing around with the black
    notes! I can’t be the only one that does that! Come on all you pianists out
    there! Back me up! XD

  4. Daniel Fortes says:

    “Move these fingers and the ladies will like it” HILARIOUS. Don’t even ask
    me how I found this video

  5. Lerinome says:

    where was this video, 2 years ago, when i told to a girl that i play to
    impress her, and when i arrived at her place, she had a real piano and say
    “would you play something for me?” XD

  6. Matas Jauniskis says:

    Maaan that sounded way better than anything I’ve ever heard before, just an
    opinion (even if it’s cheap) love it.

  7. Unknown92 says:

    I showed this Trick my music Teacher… he said he is very impressed how i
    try to fake skills :D. I said it was my “idea” … an my Music Grade went
    from a C- to a B+ 😀 

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