FREE SHEET MUSIC: LIKE the video!! SUBSCRIBE to the channel!! Other “Her” soundtrack sheets …

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25 thoughts on ““Her” Soundtrack – Photograph – FREE SHEET MUSIC

  1. Austin Grant says:

    the piano piece ‘Song on the Beach’ is also one of my favorites, I’ve
    attempted to make the sheet music for it and have fallen short

    once I downloaded this song ‘Photograph’ I was able to play it all the way
    through in 30 mins, anyway I was hoping you’d have the sheet music for the
    other song because sadly I can’t find any sheet music anywhere for this
    soundtrack in general (excluding this video of course).

    please and thank you!

  2. CariRuth says:

    Absolutely beautiful and thanks so much for the sheet music, haven’t been
    able to find it anywhere

  3. Amy R. says:

    thank you so much! i’ve been looking for this everywhere! the song and the
    arrangement are so beautiful!

  4. Luis Ángel Domínguez Castillo says:

    damn, you’re good, I’m surprised you have a few replays, wonderful (y)

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