25 thoughts on “Hellberg – The Girl (Jonah Wei-Haas Piano Cover) ft. Aloma Steele

  1. MrPatatogamer says:

    do you come out of the netherlands?
    because somehow you’re name seems for me pretty nl

  2. Bogdan Sturlica says:

    I can’t stop listening this song you are amazing… both!!!!!!!!! Yeah,
    both!!!!! :,)

  3. Pheonix Nebula says:

    “Subscribe if you like what you hear :D”
    How do I do this if I’m already subscribed? >-<

    Great work
    Been a long time subscriber, and you've never let me down with your work

  4. Aloma Steele says:

    Thanks for having me on this one, Bronah Wei-Baaws! =D
    It’s always an honour singing on anything involved with you and your
    flawless skeelzzz. FF4LYFE

    I absolutely love this song.
    Its meaning is a mystery to me, still, and I think it's pretty special when
    something makes me think so much.
    Thanks for listening =)

  5. George B says:

    I’m so happy you did this song. From the second I heard it for the first
    time, I knew that the piano part was godly, and that this would be a
    perfect song for you. Thank you so much!

  6. Moritz Bokelmann says:

    Man she didn’t even failed one note 😮 amazing work by booth of you!

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