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23 thoughts on “Harry Potter Medley – Harry Potter [Piano Tutorial] (Synthesia) // Kyle Landry

  1. Derpy Hooves says:

    I spent hours upon hours trying to learn this piece. I know live on the
    back of someone’s head. Like if you get the joke.

  2. Marwan Laroussi says:

    0:30 – Well this isn’t hard at all I can easily learn this
    1:10 – Hmm this part might take a month to master perfectly. I hope it
    doesn’t get harder than this.
    2:20 – D:
    12:40 – *dies*

  3. Jojo Zhao says:

    idk i just need to get my feelings out for this song 🙂
    i like it

  4. Mika Yamaguchi says:

    I remember watching the movies before i turned 11, and when i did i cried
    because i never got my letter, i will always love Harry Potter and will
    remember those who died in battle, you can forget why Snape let himself be
    killed, why Teddy has no parents, and why George was never the same, but i
    wont forget that Snape loved Lilly, that Lupin and Tonks died for the
    wizards, and that Fred died in front of his twin, to anyone who forgets,
    shame on you, you filthy muggle….

  5. KingSpook says:

    Can I use this audio in the background of one of my narration videos? I
    would link back to this.

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