In this week’s video, I’m showing you how to play happy birthday on the keyboard or piano. This song is super easy and perfect for beginners! Instagram: Mint_Music_xo Next Video: Let It…

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24 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Keyboard/Piano Tutorial EASY

  1. Immaruka Lillacmess says:

    My mom taught me how to play this and my niece just got a keyboard! Was
    trying to remember, this is a great tutorial! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Leroy Heard says:

    Wow I just started piano lessons and then I got home and tried to find a
    easy song to learn and you made this song look so easy so I tried it and I
    got it right you should really be a teacher for this cause your really good

  3. Walid Mohammed says:

    Lol i have my oen keypourd and i tried that and i got it right on my
    birthday i used that song and everyone was clapping st me i really like
    your videos

  4. David Hendra Piano Teacher says:

    Well done – a good tutorial. You do your piano tutorials like I do mine (I
    did Happy Birthday too) – giving the note names as you go along. I think
    that really helps people. And of course – this song is important for every
    piano player to have ready – it comes around every year! Thanks for the
    great lesson!

  5. Wade Carter says:

    Another easy way to play:
    I found that on wikihow. Try it!
    I loved your version though!!! :-)

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