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24 thoughts on “Gravity – Sara Bareilles (Piano Cover) | Gardiner Sisters & AJ Rafael

  1. Club Dance Page says:

    I love this cover and I just love all of you guys so much! You are such
    amazing people and singers and you are one of my favorite YouTube channels!
    Love you guys so much❤️ 

  2. Lisa Graham says:

    So beautiful! This is one of my favorite Sara Bareilles’ songs and I’m so
    glad you covered it. The piano is so lovely too!

  3. Chris Sheridan says:

    I always look forward to New Music Tuesday’s on Spotify, but I think
    getting an e-mail that you guys had a new video made me even happier than
    seeing a ton of big names on the Spotify playlist.
    He’s got a killer voice and you guys are awesome as usual, thanks for

  4. Acarmen Ereal says:

    Ohhh you have to do more Sara Bareiles!!! Like “I choose you” Please!!!! Or
    Birdy she is amazing too

  5. Daniel Watkins says:

    Hailey, Allie, Mandi, and AJ – that was wonderful! “Gravity” has always
    hit me hard – so beautiful, so overwhelming, so vulnerable – and y’all have
    done all of it so well. The first low harmony “oo”s gave me chills;
    Hailey’s joining harmony on “you touch me for a little while” surprised and
    delighted me; the chords you sustain, morph and shimmer at the end of the
    bridge were magical. Thanks for sharing this! 🙂 

  6. Jessica N says:

    wow.. just.. Thank You!! This song means so much to me.. On July 21st it
    will be 5 years since my best friend for almost 20 years decided to leave
    us and become an angel. I didn’t think that i would be able to move on
    after that but i had 3 songs that kept me going.. This one, Gravity by Sara
    Bareilles, Lost(Anouk) and I’m There Too with Michelle Featherstone. So
    when you girls did this i just started to burst into tears. Thank you! I’v
    followed you since your start and you are my absolut fav youtubers. So to
    have you guys sing this was just absolutly amazing. THANK YOU! <3

  7. Mat Burke says:

    I’ve never heard this song before and I would like to hear a little bit of
    your perspective on it. Correct me if I’m wrong. The lyrics are talking
    about your affinity towards someone that feels like love, but isn’t? Just
    about everything points to that person being great for you, but you still
    find yourself needing to move on? I’m not 100% sure I understand it. Care
    to put it into your own words?

    As always, excellent job on the cover and the video.

  8. Kezia Hughes says:

    This was stunning. It actually gave me chills, and that honestly doesn’t
    happen very often to me. The emotion was conveyed sooo well, and of course
    your vocals were totally and utterly on point, as always.
    Beautiful work girls! I’m so so proud <3

  9. missdamzlroost says:

    You Always film in the most amazing places And can I win a contest or
    something to spend the day with you guys!!! I love singing and playing
    guitar and love your style! 

  10. halle davenport says:

    Was so excited for this cover. One of my favorite songs but was
    disappointed. Audio is good, but the song is emotional to a lot of people
    and by switching views every 4 counts took away from the sincerity. You
    really want to focus in on someone and feel the emotion rather than
    changing angles before viewers even get a chance to experience what the
    artists are feeling. Unfortunately I give two thumbs down. :(

  11. xyOnThePrecipice21 says:

    Have odd feelings about this one. nothing bad of course! Idk… it left my
    brain so… full? that’s probably a good thing. lol

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