Enjoy!!!!. MIDI FILE: http://johnsinnes.blogspot.com/ Software used for the MIDI: Synthesia.

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25 thoughts on “God Knows – (Alternative Hard Piano Version; 5000 NOTES) – Best Version

  1. KXILite says:

    @ArashiNoOkami There is actually a rock version done by a Japanese band,
    the song was played in the anime Haruhi Suzumiya, if you don’t know it by
    name you’ll know it by picture. I was surprised too when I found out, but
    it was simple research.

  2. Judith Luerssen says:

    can u give me music for your version ?? its better than the other ones that
    i listened to nice job!

  3. Nelson Abuan says:

    Please, this got nothing on Necrofantasia. If you don’t believe me, I dare
    you to search it up.

  4. shickleg says:

    nope beer aint gonna cut it but i knew this type of ocassion would come so
    here take this supernatural acid itll make you live enough to finish this

  5. Tania Uchiha Haruno says:

    -_- so this so very easy, no Why do you do the song bad apple of the
    vocaloid Miku …

  6. SuperGamingOverlord says:

    And also, call me stupid, but doesn’t this kinda sound like an epic kirby
    final boss theme? Or some sort of final boss theme?

  7. superdragoonlegend says:

    Who else likes to Mute there game during a boss fight or final boss and
    play this song? :P

  8. GravityDoesHurt says:

    It’s not only hard, it’s impossible. Was this intended to be a duet?
    Because at certain parts of the song, there are more than 10 fingers on the

  9. Tears and Raindrops says:

    Where can i get a downloadable file of this?! I need this song, it fits
    perfectly to my theme for something very special!

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