Hey everyone! I am back again from my short break (I was a bit “distracted” by a nintendo 3DS game) and this time, I have recorded a full piano cover of Fubuki, the ending song of Kantai Collection…

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25 thoughts on “Fubuki – Kantai Collection ED [piano]

  1. PianoHero Anime Piano says:

    I love the dynamic contrast in this one! great performance and arrangement
    as usual. Also, freaking hyped for the triple upload next week 🙂 Perhaps
    it will be on Aldnoah Zero? 😀


  2. AngelOfTheDarkblade says:

    Great piano playing as always! P.S. What nintendo game did you get
    “distracted” from? :P

  3. fireteamtorch piano says:

    Brilliant playing! Love the part at 4:06 where the melody moves to the left
    hand <3
    lol @ that bonus video xD

  4. Pianonime says:

    Marassy’s left hand pattern still give a lot of effects
    both OP and ED are great imo and I need to say that the ED is quite
    refreshing (seems like this song is her first time)
    the girls are so fucking awesome *+*

    I wonder if the next one will be some songs from bravely default 8D
    Edea has so much waifu points and the combo with ringabel is so fucking
    cute and hilarous lol

  5. danimepiano says:

    That natural B at 0:20 had me confused, until that crazy transition 😮

    That 3 note chromatic motif you keep on repeating is also super catchy! 1:55
    sounded incredible like the NGNL OP too…

    Almost knocked over Kongou at the end :(

  6. Diamondketo Piano says:

    Animenz you need to join us and become a true Admiral since you’re already
    playing games play Kancolle.

    That dynamics enough to vibrate the piano for Kongou IYKWIM XD.

  7. Kells Piano says:

    You caught me off guard in the beginning. I’m not sure if the sudden
    “hesitation” at 0:09 was intended, but I’m going to assume that it was.
    That run down to the instrumental section was pretty nice. Stacatto2sexy4me
    at 0:45. When the TV Size section ended at 1:39, them runs doe. Love those
    hops at the second chorus. The clean execution of your runs/arpeggios are
    always great :3. 3:17 sounded awesome. That’s some creepy shit at 3:42.
    Those runs at the end were nice too :D. Oh yeah, and throughout the entire
    song, let me say something “PaintAMelody” would say…those right hand
    octaves suggest that you have been doing something to strengthen that speed
    late at night Mr. Animenz ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). Nice Kongou btw…DAT ASS indeed.

  8. AnimeMidi says:

    SHIROKU! SHIROKU! TSUYOKU! TSUYOKU! Yes, those are the words I only
    remember at the moment… I always scream them while hearing this song..
    Scream with love and feelz ofcourse.. he…he..
    Gotta love your performance (like always <3). I really love the 'more
    emotional sounding' parts <3.
    Having a hard time right now, because some pianists (I won't call names…
    2much4say) are being mean to me *insertsadviolinmusictnx*. Thanks to your
    music.. I feel.. I feel.. More motivated for revenge! Thanks!
    Looks like Kongou can't face your awesomeness ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). You get silently
    rejected by your waifu! But don't worry, I'm sure the vibrations of your
    piano keys will get through her body and reach her heart! She must be a
    secret tsuntsun! 

  9. [ EquesX ] says:

    +Animenz Piano Sheets Thanks for the upload! So glad that all of my
    favorite anime pianists/guitarists are covering this song. 🙂 Each one
    has their own unique input for this piece. I’ve gotta say that 1:21 is my
    favorite part of this piece, and your arrangement of it. 🙂 It just has
    this animenz sound that makes me giggle like a little girl. xD Also, I
    like that jazzy thing you did at 2:40. Wasn’t expecting it all! Maybe
    that’s why I enjoyed it so much. I thought it went perfectly in the song.
    🙂 With everyone covering this song, I guess I’m gonna have to crack down
    and watch this show. I at first decided not to, but all these epic covers
    are making me feel like watching it!! I guess I should thank you for that.
    xD So thanks again for the upload, and keep up the excellent work! :D

  10. Kolop315 says:

    wow just heard +jparecki95 play this too, and now i get to hear it on piano
    too! awesome.

  11. PaintAMelody says:


    LOL @ the end..
    *Animenz*: I did good Kongou.. *pats head*
    *Kongou*: Yamate Animenz-sama! Ecchi~
    *Clicks the bonus video*……….

  12. Anime pianist Narutimate77~ says:

    That epic octave speed…..with the spams….I just love it…..also this
    arrangement feels completely different than the usually Animenz playing.
    Its way more jazz like or maybe its just the Marsay style :v

  13. Shenix says:

    I really like the left hand in that arrangement. I just feels so lively 🙂
    Oh, and I’m sooo excited for your “triple special upload”! I guess, it’s 3
    pieces from one anime?

  14. AnimePianoAngel says:

    I really love this ED! Steinway D! definitely sounds nicer! that GGGG is
    just so addictive! 2:05 Jazz passage is just awesome! I see left hand
    melody as well! Nice! jumpy too! ^^ 

  15. ZackyAnimePiano~ says:

    The machine-gun-like plays on the right hand 😀 This is too good! Can’t
    wait for the triple special next week :D

  16. Lachlan Markowski says:

    You can still buy the figure at Solaris Japan. Just search Kongou and it
    should come up pretty quickly! FIGURE COLLECTORS UNITE!!

  17. Seraph says:

    Mein Gott, ist das geil! Du bist so unfassbar fantastisch! 😀
    Aber eine Sache, die ich nicht verstehe: Du schreibst die Noten ja selber.
    Wie kommst du auf die ganzen Akkorde?! Ich hab’ das nämlich mal bei dem
    Lied Throwback Galaxy (aus Super Mario Galaxy 2) probiert und bin daran
    gescheitert…. Wie geht das? 🙂

    PS: Triple-Sepcial?! Ich glaub’, mein Kopf platzt, das wird der Hammer!!

  18. SolDiTV says:

    Hi Animenz, i have a short Question, i hope you answer. You are one of my
    favourite pianists, i play piano and it has been something i have always
    loved, but i took it seriously about 6 months ago. How long have you been
    playing the piano.

    Thanks for the tears of happiness…

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