How to copy & paste notes in the piano roll. Tutorial for absolute beginners to FL Studio.

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25 thoughts on “FL Studio 10 How To Copy Paste Notes In The Piano Roll

  1. bkzfinsthomeboi says:

    i tried to duplicate but it just duplicates them right next to each other,
    wat am i doin wrong ?

  2. MoMakesMusic says:

    You’re not doing anything wrong! Duplicate will indeed put the copy right
    next to the current selection. I would suggest using paste instead in that
    situation. Use CTRL + C to copy, then CTRL+V to paste and make sure that
    the piano roll is scrolled over to where you want the notes to be pasted.
    Hope that helps. 🙂

  3. Dominion Wilcox says:

    thank you very much…you got my subscription just for simply giving us
    this tip….very helpful…God bless you

  4. Sbastian Lando says:

    Hi i make few styles in FL 9,,i wonna take voice samples from movies so i
    can have it on my tracks on fl,,thankful if you respond because i don not
    know how to put samples from dvd to FL Greetings

  5. Steve Dobson says:

    This clip is pretty useful!! If you will find beatgenerals through here
    there is other dope info regarding beatmaking though.

  6. 3VO says:

    i copied my notes to an another pattern and the laggy sound almost blew my
    air off. Please help. What should i do? D:

  7. MoMakesMusic says:

    Once you have selected and copied the notes, using CTRL + C, you can paste
    them anywhere you like, using CTRL + V, either into a new pattern, or a new
    channel! HTH!

  8. SerrInThaMix says:

    i think on fl studio 11 all you need to duplicate is keep a/several marked
    note/s pressed with mouse O.o here SHIFT only locks horizontally and ALT
    allows you to freely move them.

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