How to play FNAF by The Living Tombstone (Tutorial) SHEET MUSIC:…

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23 thoughts on “Five Nights at Freddy’s Song | Piano Tutorial + Sheet Music

  1. Game Attack With Zack says:

    *I sped it up to 1.25 because at normal speed it just seemed too slow when
    compared to TheLivingTombstone’s original video*

  2. Chica the chicken says:

    I littery fell of my mom’s bed wall i was trying to jump on the bed and
    didn’t get hurt all that got hurt was my arm 

  3. Miguel Smet says:

    Tell me the truth on this, DID U DO DIS BY YORSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????
    Well, if you did, I WANNA SEE THOSE LIDLE HANDS MOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

  4. Axel Rodriguez says:

    No hate! But why do people add extended stuff. I mean in my own personal
    opinion. And I don’t care what you guys tell me its my opinion. It ruins
    the song. At least for me. I just want to hear the actual thing but people
    end up adding so many unnecessary notes. The song is good enough as it is
    why add more? 

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