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25 thoughts on “Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 – Good Ending Theme Song (Extended Piano Cover)

  1. Chucking Reaper says:

    A great way to say goodbye FNAF. Thank you Myuuji. Just…..Thank you. You
    have done a great justice. 

  2. Samuel Leumas says:

    MyuujiBot Entry: As i watched the animatronics die, i heard what seemed
    like children…they…. they were thanking me… saying… goodbye. I hope
    that they can finally rest after their torment.

  3. Evan the evan says:

    This piece of music was a beautiful way to say. “The end” sounds even
    better with the piano you did. The theme is almost able to put a tear in
    your eye. :)

  4. Austin Ruff says:

    +myuuji That was simply beautiful man …beautiful !!! i need to ..but
    havnt come around to doing it but hopefully soon ^_^ ….but again man
    beautiful ! 

  5. NDLMongoose says:

    For once Myuuji, I’m not left with a sense of dread after listening to your
    songs (I mean that in the best way!). More so I feel at ease. A great
    cover, and a fitting ending theme to a very well made horror trilogy. 

  6. Opal Shade says:

    This was great. I just finished the last videos to fnaf3 by Markiplier, and
    really loved how the whole story came to an end. And your music just gives
    the right feeling that it is finally over

  7. Alexis Noir says:

    I’m trying not to cry, but I’m failing miserably…! ;~; So beautiful!!
    Best cover yet! :’) *applauds*

  8. Malamute456 says:

    This is a beautiful way to bid farewell to what has been a truly amazing
    We’ve learned so much since the first game, yet there’s still so much we
    don’t know…

    At least we can say goodbye to this series, knowing that the souls of the
    children have been saved.

  9. ImaGenius40 says:

    Hey Myuu, hope you don’t mind but I shared this vid with the FNAF page on
    facebook. Hopefully they see it :D

  10. NickSandwichGames says:

    Beautiful. Absolutely outdone yourself with this one. The raw emotion you
    can feel behind that actual sad themes in these games. Truly well done here
    Myuuji. You never disappoint. 

  11. The DeerSlayer says:

    But the question remains: is this truly the end?

    So many questions to be answered, so much backstory still left out.

    A cliffhanger that went unseen for most after the Nightmare night.
    (brighten up the article afterwards to see what I’m talking about, I don’t
    wanna spoil)

    I doubt this will truly be the end. But what lies ahead is up to the man
    behind the brilliance.

    Where will you lead us next, Scott?

  12. Lucario Cooper says:

    This is the perfect way to say goodbye to Five Nights At Freddy’s. It’s
    been a journey. And this video shows the ending of that journey. Thank you,
    Myuuji. The children souls can finally rest in peace. :)

  13. Sqwizzix says:

    Great job Myuuji. You are truly an amazing musician. I would love to talk
    to you on Skype sometime if you have any free time. Been with your channel
    for a very long time now.

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