Original: Soundtrack from “The Hobbit” Composer: Howard Shore I’ve made this short arrangement for the rehearsals in a Brass Band music society which I’m con…

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16 thoughts on “Far over the misty mountains cold – Sheet music

  1. Kurme82 says:

    Hey As I see, there is a certain interest for the sheets. I’m going to
    create soon a Blog which you can download my arrangements for free. Please
    hold on till then 🙂

  2. Kurme82 says:

    As Long as you play all parts with the same kind of violin, then yes. If
    you for example mix violin with a trumpet, then you have to transcribe it
    for one instrument. Example: Use for the violin the part as it is in the
    video and, since the trumpet is in Bb, you have to transcribe it to
    D-Major. Or leave it for the trumpet and transcribe it for the violin in B
    flat Major. Hope it’s understandable.

  3. Kurme82 says:

    Additional Note: Oh yes, and of course it depends which combination you
    use, you can play along with the original soundtrack along or not.

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