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Euterpe – Guilty Crown OST [Piano] My facebook page: Download the sheets and the MIDI file here: – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -…
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25 thoughts on “Euterpe – Guilty Crown OST [Piano]

  1. Mindy Jun says:

    Blooming wildflower
    Ah, please tell me
    Why is it that people fight
    and hurt each other?

    Oh flower that blooms with the asphalt,
    What can you see from there?
    Why is it that people
    cannot forgive each other?

    ;-; inori come back 

  2. Andres Rojas says:

    Was watching Tokyo ghoul OP and ended up watching animez videos….
    anyways, can you please do Tokyo ghoul after your concert ;_;

  3. Magister vulpes says:

    Guilty Crown… Without a doubt, has one of the best sound tracks of all
    time and an amazing art style in my opinion. The characters are
    interesting, the animators pay attention to small details which help the
    scene come to life, the landscapes are well drawn, the characters are at
    the very least interesting, the plot can be confusing but is very much
    enjoyable and well… It’s just generally an amazing series. Hearing this
    track again makes me remember it and thus I am happy. ^_^

  4. D Xie says:

    i was like
    “This looks playable…….”
    then i realized it was animenz and then my hope and dreams came crashing
    down like tears

  5. Samuel Wong says:

    I played too much Ishter and Animenz piano sheets songs but it too tough
    and i allways get hand injuries from overplaying , should I stop playing?

  6. Nagisaakb0/Mellissa04LP,LS says:

    WOW you’re amazing i never could do something like that and have you tried
    to make you’re own song i do that in the moment but the text is still
    missing for the songO_O

  7. 2175Nono says:

    Great job as always Animenz. 😀 Such beautiful music in one of the greatest
    animes of all time! I just wish the ending wasn’t so sad… I actually
    CRIED for at least ten minutes… And then I decided to watch it again.
    Just cuz I love it. :P

  8. MrShaggyww says:

    Japanese compositions have so much potential I can even describe how hyped
    I am that someone as passionated and skillful as you managed to make this
    channell, the music is wonderful to listen to, thank you.

  9. Nelson Wang says:

    no likes wtf U GUYS SUCK 😀
    gj rapha
    i will sub
    sub to chris’ channel too
    evict glitched

  10. Tan Tze Yang Matthew says:

    I read some of you guys’ comments, and I thought, “Ah..This is another of
    his amazing videos where he fakes the level at the start…” xP

  11. Fat Chinee says:

    Should I play the runs starting from 2:06 as if all the notes are about the
    same length? 😮 the triplets and the septuplets are kinda confusing haha
    they all just sound really fast in this video

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