Love Me Like You Do, from the soundtrack of Fifty Shades Of Grey, is performed by British recording artist Ellie Goulding. It was released in January 2015. Many fans have requested for it,…

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23 thoughts on “Ellie Goulding – Love Me Like You do – Piano Cover & Sheets

  1. rachael luk says:

    Wonderful job like always 🙂 keep up the great work!! can’t wait to start
    playing this asap 

  2. Luca Santo says:

    Yes is in your DNA to be so perfect!!! i love this song ! thank you so
    much! and happy woman day 😉 !

  3. SammySongmist10 says:

    Can you do a score on Hotel Ceiling by Rixton! Your scores are super useful
    and your covers are great too. Glad to have found you! 

  4. nguyenha linh says:

    Carried my away as usual whenever I hear your covers,I was like ‘swaying’
    when listening TvT keep sharing more sheets,I love yours the most

  5. Jack Kehoe says:

    Joyce …. I love your post. This song is special for me. Thank you so very
    much for your tutorials too. 

  6. Vineeth Ram says:

    Really a great one. Great cover…
    Do tou have any channel where you like teach how to do?

  7. TheLoanMusic says:

    Amazing talent!! If you could check my channel I’d appreciate a lot 🙂
    Happy Women’s Day 

  8. Jacob Marty says:

    It could be perfect to find out more new artists like this one!
    My preferred band from now on!
    Simply copy and paste the video URL and take pleasure in great music!!

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