Learn how to play Burn by Ellie Goulding – a quick riff solo piano arrangement with all notes & chords showing on the keyboard in Synthesia. Don’t like sharps / flats? Try the Easy Key version:…

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13 thoughts on “Ellie Goulding Burn Piano Tutorial

  1. Tessa Dool says:

    Hey 🙂 can you make a tutorial for the song At your door, from the
    soundtrack of Stuck in love? love ur songs 🙂

  2. EagleEye905 says:

    I wish I could play that, your videos help me when I am practicing for my
    lessons, thank you. 😛 Please could you do Roar next by Katy Perry if it is
    possible. 😀

  3. Nadeem Malik says:

    This is great! Really helped me learn the song easily. It should have more

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