To watch the full tutorial go to In this piano lesson we’ll learn to draw an eighth note, to learn to count it …

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12 thoughts on “Eighth Notes on Piano – Free Beginner Piano Lessons (Lesson 18)

  1. Joaquin Alvarez says:

    thnxs allot, ur videos are great, hey they other day i was watching the “i
    will always love u ” tutorial, as it was your first i coudnt understand it
    as the otehr, could you plz do it again?

  2. Aaiza Ishtiaq says:

    you’re great. I looked at your website and it’s very helpful. I’m taking a
    piano class in my university just for fun.. but most of the people there
    have played piano half of their lives so our instructor goes very fast and
    i don’t understand half of the things. so thank you so much!! this really
    really helps a lot 🙂

  3. B Ruce says:

    nice lesson and I like your intro and outro to the video. That shirt is gay
    though. peace and blessings.

  4. RetroZombieee says:

    Thanks! My piano instructor is a great dude, but he is teaching a beginners
    class and a intermediate class. So, he forgets to thoroughly teach the
    beginners 😛 Thanks for the lesson though, now I finally understand it! 😀

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