Composer Suzannah Doyle shows 3 easy ways to start making up melodies (improvising) when playing a C7 chord. Rather than focusing on note names or numbers, y…

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25 thoughts on “Easy Piano Improv Using Neighborhood Notes

  1. lee1lou says:

    jasno i przejrzyście. tego właśnie szukałem. pozdrawiam. clearly and
    transparently. That is looking for. greet.

  2. Multistyles - Funny Commentaries & Great Music says:

    Your videos are very helpful I don’t know how to read music but your videos
    make it seem like it would be easy to learn, thanks

  3. MrWeaselUV says:

    Wow! I am handicapped and my dream has always been to play piano. You are
    making my dream come true. Thank you and I love your website. You will be
    hearing from me again. Piano is a great stress relaxer for me and helps me
    manage my chronic pain. God Bless you!

  4. SuzDoyleMusic says:

    @MrWeaselUV I’m so glad you are finding this video and music in general to
    be relaxing and healing. Yahoo! Have a wonderful time playing music! 🙂

  5. SuzDoyleMusic says:

    Start with the 3 main chords in the key of C (see my other video
    “Understanding Chords and Melodies”). You can also download my free music
    musing Factsheets that take you step by step towards learning to play
    chords easily (Find my web site link by clicking on “Show More” beneath the
    video description above, then clink on my web site link and go to the
    Teaching Page). Good luck! 🙂

  6. alim3611 says:

    I love the way you teach . I now understand stuff that boggled my mind and
    tried to understand for the past ten years , in less than ten minutes .
    Thank you

  7. Reckless Roges says:

    You can cut-n-paste the following for your overlaid text:(hope that helps
    😉 flat: ♭ b sharp: ♯ # natural:♮ \ note: ♪ diminished: ° half diminished:
    ø, Ø

  8. MrDJCue says:

    May I say that I just love your teaching style. To me, it’s the most
    conducive to teaching beginners like myself. In my opinion, all the other
    piano teachers on Youtube have too much of what I call “clutter videos”.
    They produce numerous videos with the aim to teach piano but the basics are
    hidden under videos that are on random topics and out of order. Their
    approach is similar to building a house out of order: they start with the
    groundwork, put up the walls, then they want to start adding shingles to a
    roof they don’t even have! On the other hand your approach is like building
    a house the proper way. You give the basics and gradually build on it so
    that we as students can be stable houses, so-to-speak. I also love your
    short but not too short videos with your simple, clear, and cheery
    explanations! There are so many things I could commend you on. In
    conclusion, please just keep doing what you are doing becuase it is
    benefiting many and is very much appreciated!

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