25 thoughts on “Drake Take Care ft. Rihanna – With Piano

  1. hello i no you probably see these on every video but we are musicians from a small town in Ireland and are wondering would you take a few minutes to watch our covers to see what you think it really would mean the world to us and would be making our dreams come true thank you 😀 please thumps up 🙂

  2. yo i just put out a song called takeover check it out on my page and leave some feedback for what you think bout it.. its legit this isnt a fake gay ass thing like the other comments

  3. Drake did sing this but in the studio he is more relaxed its not like when hes live he is pumped then and dosnt care for the voice but when in the studio he has to do his best…

  4. Every Kid has Dreams, I pursue at mine, come check out my page. I thought of this song today, wrote a chorus today, and did not write down any lyrics just free versed the verses, which is really fun. I hope you like this song, it has a message behind it, that every moment is yours to own and could be your last. Like, Subscribe, and Comment. Check out my videos, this is my favorite song personally. Tell me which one is your favorite song.

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