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25 thoughts on ““Do I Wanna Know” by Arctic Monkeys (piano cover) – Christina Grimmie

  1. UNA ANONIMA says:

    I’m so tired of this .” Artic monkeys ARE NOT ROCK! Please!

    BTW you did it incredible as always Christina <3

  2. Joanne Dela Cruz says:

    Oh My Grimmie, I was wondering how yu were gonna put yur own twist in this
    song! I love this song but yu made me love it more ♥

  3. Christian Ortiz says:

    Fuck yes! So damn good. Not sorry for cussing on your comments. This had me
    smiling… hard. Great take on this song.

  4. Claudia Tripp says:

    I think this is the best cover of any song that I have ever heard.
    Absolutely astounding. I adored it so much :)

  5. CastleFlameGal says:

    Tbh even if I don’t like a certain song Christina will turn into something
    I enjoy just because of how beautiful her voice is.

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