SHEET MUSIC: TUTORIAL: Title: Gwyn, Lord of Cinder (薪の王グゥイン) Album: Dark Souls Original Soundtrack (ダークソウル …

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25 thoughts on “Dark Souls Piano – Gwyn, Lord of Cinder – Sheet Music & Tutorial

  1. ProfileUser says:

    Even though the masterpiece was originally composed with two pianos, this
    is the closes and best that I’ve seen with only one. Man, I’m pretty darn

  2. Ed Miliband says:

    You know that you’re a fantastic piano player when you forgo sheet music in
    favour of an image of a Black Knight with the Dark Souls logo instead. As
    if it’s great inspiration. Which it is, obviously.

  3. BennyTheBuffalo says:

    I cant play piano… but id like to learn how to play this song, how hard
    is it?

  4. TheApostleofRock says:

    AGHHH NOO I looked at the link and it only has this piece. I’m desperate
    to find sheet music for the Ash Lake choral piece…

  5. 909Seeker says:

    About what grade is this, I recently got a merit at grade 6 and want to
    know whether I have a chance at learning this

  6. David194786 says:

    I really wish that I was new to the series again so I could experience this
    wonderfully crafted game from the beginning. Dark souls is the quintessence
    of a perfect game.

  7. Josh Stewart says:

    damn dude this is so hard to learn i just started playing piano like 2
    weeks ago and i probably shouldnt be trying this but ive managed the
    beginning but thanks alot for the tutorial.

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