Crush notes are an essential feature of blues piano (and jazz, and funk…). This video looks at the different techniques you can use to crush notes, dependi…

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15 thoughts on “Crush notes for blues piano

  1. pianist7137 says:

    I’ve been classically trained for years I think I might find it hard to
    grasp this new ‘flat fingers’ technique .-.

  2. Bill Hilton says:

    @pianist7137 Yep, it’s not easy – it’s almost like playing a whole
    different instrument, in fact.

  3. pianist7137 says:

    @billhiltonbiz I’m gonna try it out =D Improvising is the tough part for
    me, trying to figure it out.

  4. John Guillett says:

    I loved your lessons so much that I actually bought your book, Great
    teaching and playing.

  5. Millie Lorwood says:

    put my tea down i like watching this because i like your accent and i play
    jazz piano so win win right? lol

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