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24 thoughts on “Coldplay Paradise Piano Sheet Music

  1. LSAnonymous300 says:

    LSAnonymous300 and TheBusiness7 IS ME! Would it kill you to give me some
    credit? Check the out MY CHANNEL, which has ALL my sheet music! FOR FREE!

  2. Ariel Orr says:

    @LSAnonymous300 DUDE!! Calm down!! Amazing job.. I just prefer watching the
    notes.. do u think Adele gets all snobby when someone posts a cover of her
    her song?? You’ve done an amazing job and i absolutly love this song and
    cover and i cant wait to learn it!! ur a truly gifted pianist.. oh and did
    u mention that ur amazing?? AMAZING

  3. LSAnonymous300 says:

    @mdawgjc Please tell me that after checking my channel and seeing that I
    provide all the links to the sheet music as well as giving credit to the

  4. denisse ramirez says:

    hola soy de Chile y…… tocas impresionante ni siquiera se quien eres
    pero eres fantástica/o ……. SALUDOS !!!!!
    I LOVE THE SONG …..! 

  5. dEmOniC vEnoM says:

    how long did u play piano? i played for 6 years and won 4 competitions,
    plus got a medal for one of them. so how long did u play piano?

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