Learn all about Applying Notes from guitar to piano! More tutorials IN ORDER at http://www.waltribeiro.net/archive Twitter = http://twitter.com/waltribeiro.

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9 thoughts on “Class 14: Notes From Piano To Guitar Intro

  1. Nicholas Veinoglou says:

    nice, please do something on the modes cause i know them, but i dont knw
    how to apply them to anything, and they dont have any sharps or flats in
    them right?

  2. DEFkon001 says:

    You’re thinking of modes relative to C major. This is usually how modes are
    first explained, because the key of C major doesn’t contain any #’s or b’s
    to confuse students. Truth is that ANY major scale can have a mode built
    relative to it. Take B major (B – C# – D#-E – G# – A#-B) It’s got a bunch
    of sharps in it. Dorian is the 2nd mode, so it would start with the C#, and
    wrap all the way around to C# again. That would be C# Dorian. Using modes
    is trickier, but you need to “get” this 1st.

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