Just like my last video, this is a live performance during my stream on! To see me…

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24 thoughts on “Chrono Cross – Radical Dreamers – Unstolen Jewel (live piano cover)

  1. Terra Nort says:

    I absolutely love this song! I even know the lyrics **w**
    Didn’t even know you streamed btw, insta-followed (first non-League of
    Legends stream I follow xP What rank did you end the season with btw Kyle?
    (on LoL. Dunno if you still play)).

  2. Lauren Fancher says:

    Ah I love this song <3 It would be really cool if you could do the intro
    for Chrono Trigger if you haven't already 😀 

  3. DanFlex says:

    Two days ago was Yasunori Mitsuda’s birthday. So this cover is actually
    pretty convenient. 🙂 To one of the greatest videogame composers ever.

  4. OcarinaMan32 says:

    Got to watch this live last night and it was even more magical then. If you
    haven’t tuned in for the live streams yet you are missing out big time! 

  5. Marcus Veltri says:

    I loved watching you on twitch, it was absolutely amazing. It was like
    going to a concert, haha awesome work as always 😀 

  6. jason robin says:

    Hi kyle, awsome job as usual ! I have a request for you, could you play
    “Mistral gagnant” from Renaud sechan. Its a beautiful french song, im sure
    youll enjoy it. Bye.

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