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11 thoughts on “Christina Perri – A Thousand Years (Saxophone Sheet Music)

  1. Bieke Encarnacion says:

    Thank you so much for uploading this! I’ve been waiting for this song and
    it’s finally here! Again, thank you a lot!

  2. CobaltYoshi27 says:

    I always thought this song was in 3/4 time. Also, I find it funny how the
    chorus is 1 beat slower per minute. 

  3. JNguyenSheets says:

    Well, this video was supposed to be uploaded tomorrow, but for some reason,
    it was uploaded today. Awell, Enjoy the video everyone!

  4. Robert Ortega says:

    Please create music for I will always love you by whitney Houston I want to
    play it for my moms birthday

  5. Bicentric Brute says:

    Jnguyensheets could you make the sheetmusic for the song “i want you to
    want me” by cheap trick please and thank you

  6. Natalie Bourne says:

    thank you so much for doing this! I love this song so much and it brings
    back a lot of amazing memories! I hope some day I’ll be able to play it.

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