A piano medley / suite of 4 tracks from the “Child of Light” soundtrack. Tracklist: 0:00 Pilgrims on a Long Journey 1:56 Magna’s Heart 3:32 Leave your Castle 4:52 Aurora’s Theme All covers…

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23 thoughts on “Child of Light – Piano Suite (MEDLEY) +Sheet Music

  1. ThePandaTooth says:

    Good news, the entire sheet music for this suite is now available on my

    It’s of course free, but as you can imagine, transcribing this 9-page piano
    suite was a considerable amount of work, more so than any other
    transcription I’ve done. And while I can not actually sell my arrangements
    – it’s illegal copyright-wise – I only ask you that if you can, I would
    absolutely appreciate it if you donated a little something on my website.
    There’s an option on the front page.

    That’s all. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this one. Cheers!

  2. Nathaniel Gilman says:

    Downloaded and left a donation. Your website is done right, PandaTooth.
    Keep up the nice work!

  3. Goodie Animaljam says:

    This sounds just like the music I have played it 5 times so i know what it
    sounds like 

  4. Morten Johnsen Solberg says:

    Great work! Could you do “Off to sleep” also. Dying for that one. :)

  5. Errn Dalton says:

    This stunning Child of Light medley was arranged for piano and performed by
    ThePandaTooth. What do you think of his rendition? Listen to his
    performance below!

  6. MѧԀѧmє Eʟısє says:

    Und ich habe mich gefragt was dieses “Panda Tooth”, das auf den Noten
    steht, die mein Klavierlehrer mir gegeben hat ist! 😀
    Wunderschön! Ich habe das Stück fast durch, aber als Anfängerin hört es
    sich nicht mal halb so gut an wie bei dir! Trotzdem ein gaaanz großes Danke
    für die Noten! Du bist toll!

  7. Enrique González says:

    Don’t have words , _ , I loved the game, loved the soundtrack… And now I
    love your channel! n _ n/

  8. ichigodaufuku says:

    So beautiful! Thank you very much for sharing the sheet music on your
    I will try to learn this on my harp. :-)

  9. Jeury Veloz says:

    Anxiously waiting to see if this game will be included in March’s ps plus
    line up. I ran into the sound track for this game, and its on par with some
    of my faves. I’m a huge fan of video game music, so if it turns out this
    isn’t going to be free next month, I’ll gladly fork over $15 for it. I’m
    obsessed with this game and i haven’t even played it.

    Oh, and excellent execution, btw lol. 

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