After 10 months, somebody has finally posted a live video of this, and here it is. Go watch it! My arrangement of …

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19 thoughts on “Bohemian Rhapsody Brass Quintet Sheet Music

  1. Reese Blaskowski says:

    Nope, french horn. I just didn’t want a trumpet to get the guitar solo
    (they always get the melody), and i didnt want to have to play it on horn.

  2. Frank Leonard says:

    Pretty good. I have some advice. (take it or leave it) Only double the tuba
    with trombone when you want a really heavy bass sound. One tuba should be
    enough for a bass voice. Also, give yourself some freedom to to embellish
    the original version. It will just make it more interesting! I also made an
    arrangement of this piece. You should check it out (if you havent)!

  3. Frank Leonard says:

    A lot of the time I add ‘extras’ in order to intensify the music. For
    example in my version the guitar solo in the oboe needed more intensity
    that just wasn’t in the original version. What I did was come up with a
    16th note run for the flute. It was the intensity that i needed.
    Arpeggiating is an easy way to to make the parts more interesting.

  4. Calvin Cheng says:

    i’m a horn player too… i could totally tell you were from the arrangement
    🙂 anyway, great job on the arrangement–are you working on any other songs
    at the moment? i can’t wait to hear what else you have in store!

  5. Barrie-Jon Knight says:

    Too Much Going on in the bits where the emotions are meant to be sad if u
    want my honest opinion

  6. Thepokemario111- music, animations, gaming and more! says:

    amazing song, but i think 2 bars before the end you put a rall. to slow it
    down a bit. still amazing job though!

  7. Jaleb100 says:

    I don’t understand all the fuss about the trombone solo. It isn’t all that
    fast, except that one part with the sudden fast notes, but anyone who can
    play a good grupetto could play that.

  8. Selbon Noble says:

    I agree with trumpetgirl. I as well HATE what the trumpet sounds like on
    music software, it makes fun of how it sounds.

  9. gandz abad says:

    what kind of soft ware are you using? . .can you make an arrangement for
    the song Gonna Make You Sweat? . .i would love to hear more of your
    arrangements. .more power! . .

  10. Sarah Rose says:

    I love this. It is so much fun to learn on the horn. I don’t know why
    everyone is hating on this. 

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