In this slow, easy piano tutorial/lesson I am teaching you how to play Blank Space on the keyboard with your right hand, which is from Taylor Swift’s new alb…

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25 thoughts on “Blank Space – Taylor Swift | Easy Keyboard Tutorial With Notes (Right Hand)

  1. Khai Lolx says:

    u made me an expert when i saw ur vid on fb i try to play it on a piano and
    it really doing so well thanks to u tht i caught up in ur next
    song pls ? 

  2. Reni Olusola says:

    Thank you so much i littrally im playing all the time now 😉 can u try and
    do yours by ellahendersen its a nice song if u cant do any other song ill
    apreciate it cause ur trying ure best and i get that best ♥♡♥♡

  3. Thenames Emily says:

    This was really helpful and I can now play it! Thanks. Could you please do
    a tutorial on money on my mind – Sam smith ? x

  4. Summer Ahmed says:

    you hv already got this to 100 likes lol, it is beautifully played so i
    will give the 295th like…ha! :)….this helped me alot!

  5. Mariam Bibi says:

    Thx so much this is the easiest tutorial i hav found i am doing this for my
    talent show at school i am gonna say that u showed me thx a million♡

  6. Madeleine Olmillo says:

    Hiii! Thank you so much, I’ve learned how to play little things! You’re
    amazing! ♡ Can you please do Samson by Regina Spektor? I really love that
    song! And thanks again! Keep it up! :)

  7. Mhay Mhay says:

    Your tutorial vids are really helpful..easy to learn! One favor please, can
    u pls make a piano tutorial for ”A little love” by Fiona Fung…..tnx a

  8. Rosemary Erin Mercado says:

    This tutorial is awesome and it helped me for my piano class

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