Note: The thumbnail was taken at 3:20 …This was done in one day unlike most other Black MIDIs which take much longer than that to do, so I do understand ho…

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25 thoughts on “[Black MIDI] Synthesia: “What does the Fox Say?” 1.1 Million Notes – The Fox – Ylvis

  1. The MIDI Muffin says:

    Go to Landau Martin’s channel and look for U.N. Owen Was Her 110 Million.
    It’s file size is 809MB… But you could make one that’s around 2GB large…

  2. xDEFCONx says:

    Hilarious to watch, honestly. But I mean, not as creative when it’s just
    stacked stuff. However, still funny.

  3. Trenton Thurman says:

    All I really saw was purple and lots of fast moving colors…….and exuse
    me will I go to the hospital and see if im having a

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