FAQ: – This MIDI is NOT created by me! It was made by Z-Doc R. A co-member of the Black MIDI Team. If you want to download the MIDI you should go to HIS channel, using the links down below….

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25 thoughts on “[Black MIDI] Synthesia: “Let it go!” | 250,000 Notes | – Disney’s Frozen

  1. waffielz yolo says:

    To play this you must be in a slightly different position than usual. When
    the song begins,place your foot atop the piano and slowly bring your weight
    down on it. Eventually you shall completely lie down on the piano and
    carefully distribute your weight. Now, the next step may require
    assistance for amateurs. This can be from siblings, friends, spouses, or
    pets. All participating shall flop on the piano like fishes desperately
    gasping for fish oxygen. This requires much practice and study to succeed.
    It is recommended that you take several times more caffeine than usual.
    Any seizures that may be induced are encouraged. Others can also help by
    dragging their faces wherever keys seem neglected. As others may have
    demonstrated, random children are especially helpful for this part. They
    tend to become professionals in no time. Try to keep the steady pace of a
    cheetah who just got its cheetah girlfriend stolen by a flying monkey.
    Many will have passed out by the ending, but if you have not, good job.
    You now have three days to live.

  2. Rez On says:

    For some reason, this version scares me. I feel as though something’s
    creeping up on me like in a horror movie. It must be that background sound
    that’s rising..



  3. Buster McMuffin says:

    The seat glows white on the toilet tonight, no misses to be seen.
    But I’m gonna ruin that now, by doing a massive pee.
    Now I’m sitting on there, Oh I think I got it wrong,
    I’m doing a poo, so don’t miss the gong!
    Don’t open the door don’t let them see what this turd is doing to me!
    Don’t let it snow don’t let them know, well now they know!

    Let it out, let It out,
    can’t hold it in anymore,
    here it comes, here it comes,
    Oh shoot it’s all over the floor!
    Here I am, It’s up to my knees.
    When my bumb blows up…

    …manure never bothered me anyways.
    Wow… 1 like in 5 days. Why youtube Why?!

  4. Fleur Rijlaarsdam says:

    I can play this, just lay down on the piano and do the worm and if i did
    that then i start to jump and dance on the piano.

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