4000 SUBS SPECIAL! This took a lot of editing, but I finally made it! I while back, last August, I uploaded this MIDI on vBK (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…

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25 thoughts on “[Black MIDI] Necrofantasia 53 Million | NO LAG! – Piano From Above ~ the Black MIDI Team

  1. Prof.E.S.Sor says:

    I’ve been wanting to play some of these midis in PFA, but I’ve been stuck
    at the point where I can’t add BassMIDI to the list of output devices.

  2. MrKasenom says:

    Maybe you should do a kickstarter to get a super computer just to play
    black midi? The possibilities are endless!

  3. Wholy McLag says:

    How fast was the speed going? What did u use to speed it up? If u didnt do
    any of those and u played it at full speed while recording at 1080p, then
    ur computer is baus!

  4. Oskar Brzeski says:

    How do you download these Black MIDIs. I can’t find any sites where I can
    download them from. If you can, give me a link or something to a synthesia
    Black MIDI.

  5. XnonStudios says:

    tempo to high, and way to many useless notes. i have like 3 midi files of
    this song. and this is not what it looks like. not by a longshot

  6. ʜᴀᴀʀᴅᴛᴇᴋ 世代2 says:

    1:48 it sounds like something’s dying inside your pc lol

    What are your specs btw? I’m curious :3

  7. KEKSÄÄÄ! says:

    I’m new to this Black MIDI thing, but would my computer handle this MIDI if
    you play it veery slow and reedit the screen capture to fast version?

  8. Custodes Sabatron says:

    You know, at least Shanghai Teahouse had a decent pattern going on. This
    just looks like puke and a really fast MIDI song.

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