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22 thoughts on “Beyonce – Halo (Piano Cover by Alexi Blue) – Official Music Video

  1. Virág Lakner says:

    Yess, first comment 🙂 Your video made my Sunday evening brighter <3 Love
    you from Hungary!!

  2. Iris Huizinga says:

    Alexi you are serious the best! I love you and your voice is so amazing.
    You are so beautiful! You are the best and my hero. I will follow you
    forever. I can’t stop listen your covers. I love you so freaky much <3 xoxo
    from the Netherlands. PS. You have to come to the Netherlands. +Alexi Blue 

  3. Catarina Batista says:

    I CAME FROM SNAPCHAT! I love this cover so much! I’m obsessed <3 your voice
    is breathtaking ily

  4. Kerry Walker says:

    Alexi, I feel like you have the voice of an angel! This cover is flawless
    and I am so happy that you share your talent on YouTube<3

  5. Shiantel Chiang says:

    This is so beauitful i love it!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ You’re my favorite cover singer
    ahhh i love u Alexi, bluestar forever (: 

  6. NandaRLago says:

    I feel so calm and relaxed when I hear your voice! I love it! Thank you for
    that ☺️
    Kisses from Brazil

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