3 basic and best melodies to play with the piano in Halloween 🙂 Hope it helps to learn them. These melodies aren’t difficult at all!

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8 thoughts on “Best SCARY Melodies for HALLOWEEN!!( Piano notes)

  1. blinkzh says:

    Hey C810B! Well the last two melodies you can find them on google easily,
    just put the names : Mike oldfield – tubular bells midi or the exorcist
    theme midi and the other is halloween main theme midi. If you can’t find
    anyone I can send it to you. The melody of black ops zombies is longer but
    here in the video I made it easy. If you can find it I’ll google it and
    send it to you. Thanks and enjoy!

  2. blinkzh says:

    Hey altkaiQQ! it’s the piano that comes by default in fl studio, (FL keys)
    I just put a little of reverb and delay on it 🙂

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